Monday, July 13, 2009

Andy Adler with the Hot Leg Cross on Sports Extra

I've been waiting for a moment like this for a long time. From FOX's Sports Extra in NYC, sports news babe Andy Adler with the hot leg cross. I just love those short short dresses she has on, her legs are outta this world. I think the guy on the left got a mental image that will last a lifetime.

Andy is such a tease,

Screencaps courtesy of slashasterisk at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dark The Man Duke said...

Andrew Adler, the female news reporter with the man's name and the face to match. Do. Not. Want.

BigD said...

A rose by any other name...

Anonymous said...

1:18 PM aka weirdo named shadow,

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Anonymous said...

Go to shadow (from reportercaps) fake website for laughs so that you can see the huge amount of time he waisted making that fake website. Now that is a true loser.

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Sorry about that Anchorman, I have a free minute once a month to respond to the DAILY lol attention that shadow gives me. lol I will go back to ignoring him like everyone already does. lol

Dark The Man Duke said...

Seems like you have more than a minute a month there pal, considering you just spammed every thread over the last two days with your nonsense, which all reads the same. What was the point of that, other than to spam your website link all over the place? You still haven't answered why you have to do that if your site is more popular than this one, like you claim.

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Anonymous said...

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