Friday, July 17, 2009

Suchita Vadlamani is a Hot Atlanta News Babe

I believe these are from earlier in May of this year, this is news babe Suchita Vadlamani of the FOX affliate with the hot skirt showing off her sweet leggage. She's definitely a tease, just look at the way she flaunts it. Her co-host looks like he's about to bust a nut, can't say I blame him.

Mornings with Suchita in Hotlanta,

Screencaps courtesy of whornee at the Wide World of Women forum.


BigD said...

Another marginal talent minority hired to fill a quota?
"Ok, we're getting heat again from the various minority groups.
Black? Check, we've got one. Hispanic? Check, we've got one. Asian? Check, we've got one. Indian? No Indian? HIRE HER!"

I've seen her. Yeah, she's very pretty. Nothing coming in "Emmy" nominations anytime soon though.

P said...

Indians ARE Asians. You mean Oriental.

Believe or not I went to elementary school with her. Conway School in St.Louis Missouri. She was really nothing special back then but she is pretty now. I'd like to see what her curver are like and how much T&A she has.

She looks pretty skinny and I like them more curvy like Cantessa Brewer but Suchita is hotter in the face than Cantessa.

Kenny G said...

I'm suprised that Suchita doesn't get more attention on this site. She doesn't dress sexy everyday but when she does it is worth the wait.

P said...

Yes Kenny G she is very attractive and looked even better when she threw out the first pitch at the Atlanta Braves game a couple years ago.

Even the players were drooling.

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