Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nicole Petallides was Hot In Studio All Week

From the trading floor into the studio, FBN news babe Nicole Petallides filling in for Jenna Lee who was back just today. Nicole isn't as hot as Jenna, but definitely a decent fill in. Alexis Glick looking pretty hot herself on the left, with the keyhole top as well.

Nicole was rockin' it all week,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


BigD said...

Nicole was rockin' it all week,
I drilled her & then heard her squeak
"Oh Daddy, I love it
When deeper you shove it
It makes both my knees just go weak."

Dick Rockhard said...

I MISS JENNA LEE. Nicole may have a great body, but take a good long look at that dogshit face, not to mention that her pussy smells like feta cheese .... it's a Greek thing!

Dark The Man Duke said...

I miss Jenna Lee too. She's just so young, tight, and gorgeous, I'd wrestle a grizzly bear in the Hell in a Cell for her if she asked.

I have to apologize in advance for posting here since now my ugly twin-fetus will come into this thread to spam his garbage since he sees me having too good a time here and he'll get upset and jealous. Just remember, don't give him any love because all you'll be doing is enabling him and he'll just want more and more until he's tracked you down and is waiting in your driveway for you with a ball gag and leather spiked dog collar in hand. All because I think Nicole is sexy and wanted to share the love, but I guess these things happen.

Oh yeah, and he'll also delete his first attempt at a post in this thread because he's mildly retarded, but try not to hold that against him, okay?

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