Thursday, January 3, 2008

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, 2 big reasons to watch Closing Bell

Michelle is doing that thing again where her chest goes outward. We need more pictures of Michelle and her knockers.

From yesterday's closing bell,

This was from a closing bell before Christmas. Can these 2 guys be anymore obvious, you're on National TV!!

I like this one with Erin Burnett, International Superstar. For once Erin is left speechless...


Glen said...

Endowment indeed!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Michelle is thinking "I know you're a bigger star and prettier than I am, but feast your eyes and eat your heart out." Erin is thinking "Look at the size of those things!"

Anonymous said...

Erin is thinking "If I weren't a lesbian, I'd get tits that big!"
If you're a carpet muncher, you don't need big tits. Women don't care about big tits when it comes to making love to another woman. It's all about making love to the whole body. Only men (normally) fixate on big tits.
I'm a lez, I know.

Anonymous said...

Cabrera is not the prettiest thing but she isn't as stupid as some are making her seem. She is not having much trouble seeing right through this current government cloak and dagger bailout. Every time she starts telling the truth they shut her up.

Anonymous said...

Erin's comment: "Oh yeah, with those assets, my stock would really rise around here"

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