Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve Pictures

A great time had by all, still woozy in the morning. Here are just a sample of pictures from last night's celebration on the news channels. May you all stay as beautiful in 2007 as you will in 2008 and beyond, Happy New Year everybody...

Kiran Chetry does double duty with American Morning then Christmas Eve bash with Anderson Cooper on CNN. She does look a tired, but she's still magnificent,

Erica Hill on CNN Headline News as she prepares for her live from Times Square reporting on AC360,

Amy Robach on Carson Daly's NBC New Years Eve Party right after the countdown in Times Square,

Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer on FOX U Party 2008. Megyn announced she is engaged to be married live on air. She was sporting a new cute hairdo, looking very young and hot,

Finally, I leave you with a clip of the foxy Courtney Friel looking smoking hot in her cocktail dress on FOX U Party 2008 last night,

Screencaps courtesy of Sabrina at the Reporter Caps forum.


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