Thursday, May 22, 2008

Courtney Friel Reporting at American Idol

Reporting live from Los Angeles all week, this is Courtney Friel at what looks like the American Idol studio background behind her. I wonder if she's going to make a cameo and do a little song and dance, that would be sweet.

Courtney is smiling and dashing as usual,

Screencaps courtesy of sabrina at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Courtney Friel- the brains of a sandwich

Anonymous said...

Yes, but when she is going down on you it doesn't matter about the brains. Probably good thing she doesn't have any for this way she doesn't mind swallowing.

Anonymous said...

Courtney Friel is a brat just like that Ainslee. Courtney was complaining about not going to the movies with the others from Fox and Friends on live air. She is just another dumb blond smelly pussy.

loverboy said...

Hey that why I like Jamie Colby.
Because she is a professional
with class. Ainsley and Courtney
are airhead. I still would fuck
courtney smelly pussy anyway!

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