Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Liz Habib Hypes the Lakers

I'm a huge Lakers fan going back to when I lived there a few years ago. Just my way of giving my support, here is Liz Habib (or Haboob as she's referred to) yesterday on FOX talking about Game 4. GO LAKERS!!!

Liz has big cans,

Screencaps courtesy of MadMac at the Wide World of Women forum.


Bill said...

I wonder if she bought the blouse or got it by the five finger discount as she did in Phoenix.

Bob said...

Why can't you people FORGET about what happened in Phoenix! She's a great reporter/anchor. GET OVER IT!!!

Anonymous said...

she was voted the most sexy reporter in phoenix at one time

Anonymous said...

Liz didn't get caught shoplifting in Phoenix, that was another anchor babe. Liz got in trouble at a bar in Scottsdale. She was gorgeous....I miss her on TV.

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