Monday, November 16, 2009

Guess the Hot FOX News Babe

From FOX News over the weekend, a great side shot of this hot blonde news babe at the end of the show. Can you guess who she is? They're talking the economy, and Tracy Byrnes is there, so I'm going with Cheryl Casone. Guess away...

Who is this blonde bombshell?

Screencap courtesy of spinner at the TvNewsCaps forum.


rootvg said...

Yes, it's Cheryl.

What a set of legs. WOW.

jimbo said...

I saw this program- the blonde is Casone.

Bradley said...

You're right,pal,that is indeed,the luscious Cheryl Casone,I'd lick those legs forever!

cranched said...

Monica Crowley

Dick Rockhard said...

It is the one and only CHERYL CASONE, the new host of "CASHIN' IN" Fox News Channel on Saturday's from 11:30 til Noon .... and she has a daily show on Fox Business Network from Noon to 1 PM. Cheryl always offers us some sexy leggage.

Hey anchorman, thanks for the Casone post.

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