Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meredith Viera Showing Off Plenty of Leg in a Slit Skirt

I'm not usually a huge Meredith Viera fan of NBC, but here she is from the Today Show in one crazy hot slit skirt and when she stands up here, you can see that it's almost all the way up. Damn, I wonder if these news babes do this on purpose or if they just figure we're oblivious.

Meredith's got some nice leggage going on,

Screencaps courtesy of modelhunter the Wide World of Women forum.


rootvg said...

I remember Meredith Viera from the eighties. She was a very hot number at one time.

She's been through a lot with her husband's illness. It's amazing she looks as good as she does.

Thechairman said...

Meredith's lost a lot of weight recently, which is good for her. When she first started on the show literally she had no figure. Now she looks a lot better and she's certainly taking the opportunity to show off.

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