Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bloomberg News Babe Margaret Brennan is Irresistible

From Friday, this is Bloomberg news babe Margaret Brennan looking absolutely ravishing in a tight red dress. I'm not huge on the boots, but the heels on those are wickedly hot. In my opinion, Maggie is definitely the hottest news babe on Bloomberg.

Maggie was bringin' it on Friday,

Screencaps courtesy of hoagie100 the Wide World of Women forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

Hey Anchorman .... Thanks for this Maggie B post. I saw her on air this day and just had to stop everything and watch her for 2 straight hours. Her curves are so damn hot. The boots were icing on the cake. Keep those Maggie posts coming!

Dick Rockhard said...

Anchorman, the second pic of Maggie B (boots) does not enlarge to the correct pic. Hope you can correct ... thanks!

Thechairman said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, CNBC are fools for letting her go. Then again they were fools for not using her properly. She's showing that she can out-Money Honey the CNBC Money Honeys. Maria Bartiromo is old and washed-up and Erin Burnett's got chunky legs.

snaggle tooth said...

I am glad that the idiots at CNBC were dumb enough to cast Margaret aside. She's used som much more wisely at Bloomberg. Plus she seems to have just blossomed as far as her hottness goes. She's gone from good to fantastic.

Thanks, again.

Damon Hynes said...

Hey, I like chunky legs. My beef w/ Burnett is that she needs to wash her hair every once in a while!

Raoul said...

Not too often - looks like it smells nice.

Then again, Margaret looks like everything on her smells nice.

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