Friday, December 11, 2009

A Hot Leggy Alexis Glick on FBN

Today is an all FBN hottie day, and it continues with VP news babe Alexis Glick. I agree with a commentor that FBN's hotness factor has been dropping lately, he puts it with the arrival of Imus, all I know is that FBN is showing less skin lately which means we will watch it less and less. Bloomberg seems to have picked up where FBN left off. Enjoy these rare treats,

Alexis is hot in blue,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


StewartIII said...

Alexis Glick is another FOX Biz babe with an incredible smile. And hot to boot.

Thechairman said...

@Ron Burgundy, I think Imus is not the reason for the decrease of leg, but he is the effect of perhaps the lack of ratings improvement from whatever strategies they are using, which includes their patented heavy leg display. Fox got desperate that they weren't competing in the morning well enough and so they made the decision to run with Imus as some kind of counter programming instead of trying to go directly against CNBC. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of running a business network in the first place! I think part of the decrease started when Nicole Pettalides didn't want to do the dawn patrol anymore, and just do exchange floor reporting. We lost a lot there. Then they went to that new set design, which sucked because it took away some good chair positions. But then they moved stuff around probably because they realized how big a change it was. It still wasn't as good as before. It's happened before, even at FNC. The weekends used to be great, but now other than the Fox Report and Jamie Colby on Sunday, they all had behind the desk.

Dick Rockhard said...

I can't stand Alexis Glick. She's a phony, thinks her sh-- don't stink diva with no talent and a voice that is so shrill. I'd take Alysin Cammarota or Cheryl Casone any day over Glick. Want lot's of leg and thigh ... Alysin on the weekend Fox & Friends. Awesome!

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