Thursday, December 24, 2009

Incredibly Hot Cheryl Hines on Today Show

From yesterday on the fourth hour of the Today Show, just couldn't resist posting this hot picture of Cheryl Hines being interviewed by Koda Kotb and the always irresistible Kathy Lee Gifford. Damn, it's almost as if Cheryl wasn't wearing a skirt whatsoever. Too bad the damn banners got in the way.

Leggy hot duel,

Screencaps courtesy of centricguy the Wide World of Women forum.


Unknown said...

WOW, Cherly has long, smooth legs... she puts the other two at bay.

StewartIII said...

MILF City!

Da Curly Wolf said...

2 thoughts on this one.
1. holy frickin hotter than hell yummy.
2. Banners...arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

BuzzinVT said...

I* think Cheryl is one of the sexiest women on tv - she's the bomb! She's literate, funny and wow, what a fantastic body. Would love to wake up next to THAT some morning!!!

Raoul said...

I believe you meant to type Koda in HOT.

Cheryl ain't so bad herself.

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