Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dagmar Midcap's Mountains of Love

I think I've hit my "comfort index", staring at Dagmar Midcap's breasts. Damn, they need to get her an exclusive show or something, those puppies need to be on primetime.

That sweater is stretched beyond it's design,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

She has the nicest tits....... nice, round and Juicy......

Anonymous said...

Suchita Vadlamani on Good Morning Atlanta is much hotter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my god. What a stunning weather lady.

Remember, when cranky old dull guys did the weather. Then they found out that women can be just as intelligent. Plus, women have something an old fart does not have which is well, you can see.

Professional and intelligent news has gotten a tiny bit of movie star seduction that has been in movies since Marylin Monroe days.

Anonymous said...

Most definitly would like to see more photos of her. She has a wonderful face so, i wished that you would have put up a photo of her face also. But, great side shot of her cleavage. : ) I hope she is as smart as she is sexy.

Anonymous said...

Nice pair of tits - and she knows how to show them off in a sweater. They are definitely fuckable/suckable.

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