Thursday, June 19, 2008

Julie Banderas Dressed to Kill on Red Eye

From last night's RedEye on FOX, Julie Banderas all cleaned up and looking smokin' hot. I love the laced up heels. There's no way those are coming off once things gets hot and heavy.

A hint of Julie's cleavage,
"OMG, that's huge!!"

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

I hear that she can be a wild one. Finally she is showing some skin..... I shot a load in her.


Anonymous said...

I am glad she is comming off less uptight. I usualy watch red eye. Now I wished I didn't miss this day of the show.

Anonymous said...

I have been aware of Julie Banderas and usualy switch off the news when she is hosting since she just has an arrogant bitchy look in her eyes.

I know several sorority women and models like her in my actual life and I usual ignore them. I would probably not ignor Julie Banderas if I saw that she can be this fun and laid back. Oh, and I am glad she is dressing sexier but, still with class.

Anonymous said...

Typicaly it takes me 15 minutes to come from a blow job but, if Julie Banderas sucked my big, fat, juicy cock with her eyes (like in the first photo) than I burst my sweat load in her mouth in under a minute. but, she i would still need hand action while she is sucking, lol, just proving that I have gotten a lot of blow jobs.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Julie really knows how to suck a cock. Just look at how she has been dressing recently and showing off not only those legs but also the nice boobs. She could sure get me off real quick.

Anonymous said...

Julie is phony on Red Eye. She's acting the part of loose woman. You can tell the real Julie is the bitchy
one giving the news during the day.

She's worn those heels before. They must be her party shoes. Those shoe leg straps are way too tight. She'll get gangrene if she keeps wearing them. I bet they leave marks on her calves.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if she dresses sexy or like a boring old news lady, of course she knows how to suck cock. All hot bitchy women give great head, they twirl there tungue around and deep throat.

Perhaps she is just being a fake on Redeye and she really is a bitch?

Anonymous said...

yeah, I know chicks like that. they are so snobby and arrogant. if a guy is fun and laid back than she will look at him like he is a losers. but, if that same type of person is popular like the host of redeye than women like Julie fake kiss ass. bitches are so full of shit and go with the crowd. bitches like these represent most attractive women out there. I hate to say it but women that are in the movies like Julia Roberts who actually have a heart are rare.

most hot women are bitches. why? because guys kiss there ass and the media never talks about so they always get away with it.

there are one or two nice ones out there so, that is what dating is for. you gotta find them but, meet a bunch of bitches first.

Anonymous said...

I would only date her if she let me fuck that asshole of hers. If not, than I would split well, after she had swallowed my cumm of course then I would split because I don't date bitches. : )

loverboy said...

I'm sick and tired of all you guys
talking shit about julie is a bitch. How do ya know she a bitch?
I love how Latino women had a
attitude she sexy as hell. All you
guy want to fuck her so bad! All
sexy women going to be cocky because there shit don't smell.
I fuck julie real hard!

Anonymous said...

To the previous guy, "How do we know she is a bitch" Ugh, lets see, the fact that her voice is extremely strong in manner and she has a strong mean stare. There is also the common sense thing.

Oh, and you have it wrong. If she player her cards right and hid the fact that she is a cold blooded uncaring bitch than I would let her ride my cock but, then on the second date I would figure out the real person she is and diss her ass.

She does not even look all that sexy. all she is doing is showing her arms.

Anonymous said...

I have slept with plenty of hot latino women but, none of them are bitches like Julie Banderas. Plus, they were hotter. : )

Anonymous said...

I don't know what country or origin her last name is from, BUT, there's a plus for immigration. Now if she would just bring that sweet pussy to me I would ravish her for at least week!Goddamn, she's so fucking hot it almost burns my retinas looking at her. Also, she's much more appealing when she smiles-she delivers the news so deadpanned it detracts from her "assets", but who's really looking at the face. Hey, Julie, show some more skin, any skin and meet me at Motel 8 for a super fuck time!

Chris said...

Julie is originally from Colombia. Dont know if she was born there or just her parents lived there.

Check out a collection of Julie's pics in her sexiest moments here

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