Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gerri Willis Sexy Full Body Shot

The dimpled, hot news MILF, Gerri Willis of CNN on Issue #1 yesterday. She's like your best friends hot mom. She's got a look about her though, like she's into the kinky stuff. I'd definitely like to find out...

Gerri's professional hot look,

Screencaps courtesy of Brettfan at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

She looks like a hott school teacher..I'd give her an apple in the morning; and my sausage in the night...

Anonymous said...

Her eyes have that all nighter drinking and fucking look. She is god damned hot. If I ever saw her in person than I would most definitly ask her out for coffee. I would be nice, joke with her and tease her on any flaws (to let her know that I am not like all the boring assholes who always kiss her ass). Then when she has thrown her panties at me, I would fuck the hell out of her pussy and have her juices squirting all over my cock.

If she ever comes on the air with a really big smile than it was me. : )

Anonymous said...

In addition to my previous comment,

Now you guys know that there is a real player who comments on here every now and then. : )

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