Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sandra Smith is a Blonde Bombshell

I love watching Sandra Smith of FBN because of her amazing big blue/hazel eyes. Plus she's got quite the hot body to go with. This is from yesterday's Happy Hour along with another hottie Rebecca Gomez and oh ya, Cody Willard.

"I swear, Burgundy's rod was this big",

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

I like to shoot my hot semen all over her face and watch her lick and eat my cum like a slutty blonde

Anonymous said...

I am not into business. Since those classes sucked in college. But, I started watching for this show. Sexy women, Burgundy is a great host with a wild personality and to top it all off really smart business is actually being reported.

Oh, you can tell how horny Rebecca Gomez is since whenever Burgundy wears something nice you can catch her stare at his dick. I swear to god, freeze frame it and then use a water color marker to draw a line from her eye to his dick. Rebecca Gomez is a hot, sexy, lady.

Normaly I don't date bitches. Well, I have seen her get bitchy on the show and raise her voice. But, I would date her for a few months since I love a woman with a healthy sex drive.

Anonymous said...

Cody looks stupid bratty. She probably has a flat bony ass and probably is horrible in bed to. Just speaking from experience. Rebecca Gomez comes off way sexier.

I have learned that after you have fucked several hot women than you start to release that some women are only sexy with there clothes on. Then there are some different women who are sexy with there clothes off.

Both these women look good but, you can tell that only one of them is actually a good fuck.

Anonymous said...

Would love to run my hands up under Rebecca's skirt and all over her sexy thighs. She looks like she would be amazing in bed, with her legs up in the air or wrapped around my back, with those high heels on.

Anonymous said...

To add to my previous comment, I meant to say Sandra Smith. Not cody.

loverboy said...

I love to go in rebecca skirt pull
down her pantie and fuck her butt
naked with her heel on. I tear her
pussy up and shoot my cum inside
and outside her hot pussy!

Anonymous said...

To the previous guy,

tell us something original. lol
What you are describing is what she is probably doing with whomever she is sleeping with. Once you start sleeping with a hot women than you will realise that.

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