Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Natasha Kaplinsky a Sexy Pregger?

There's good pregnant, like Kiran Chetry. Then there's bad pregnant, like Brittany Spears. Chalk up Natasha Kaplinsky of UK's Five News in the bad pregnant department. I mean, isn't that what the makeup and costume people do, aren't they supposed to pick dresses that hide her bloated body, not accentuate her sagging breasts. Her face looks like she's been drinking for days. Oh, well, who knows, probably some crazy commentors out there that like it like that...

Natasha before, and Natasha 6 months preggie,

Screencaps courtesy of the gaz and soulryuu at the tscelebs forum.


Anonymous said...

I'd fuck her and I have fucked the best. Something about her face and huge tits in the second photo.

An older woman who is around 45/her age once sucked the hell out of my dick. It was one of the best blow jobs ever. Some really old women know how to go at it. Great smelling pussy to. Some of the younger women in there early 20's don't have good hygiene. My advice is that if you can fuck an older chick than go for it. : )

Anonymous said...

Hold on she is not that old. She probably drinks a lot. She looks like she is well in her late 40's in the first photo. She needs to get ride of that old persons shirt and do something with that hair since we are all mistaking her for being a decade older.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY she is preggers there are no sexy preggers thats just sick

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