Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vancouver Weather Hottie Kristi Gordon Gets Engaged

Another one bites the dust. Vancouver's hottest weather babe, Kristi Gordon of Global TV announcing her engagement live on-air yesterday. Here she is showing off her rock.

Congrats to Kristi,

Screencaps courtesy of Casper at the Canadian Women Television Personalities forum.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She has a big oval head. Her husband will be cheating on her withen a year.

She dresses like shit and her hair looks like something out of the brady bunch. Anyone who is as incompetent as she is probably has a big ego and deserves it anyways. Just calling what I see.

amarella said...

All of you are complete losers! I wonder what you look like??? Grow up and get a life you childish pricks. Kristi is fantastic!

cbcjustblog said...

Total jerks. Clearly you're the incompetent one's, and obviously losers with no self esteem...let me guess- YOU got cheated on you're trying to make yourselves feel better by cutting someone else down. Kristi's awesome and she does a great job.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy watching Kristi, she does a very good job with the weather reporting and has a great sense of humour. She is one of the prettiest women on Global TV, she is a total delight.
Sophie Lui, on the other hand, has to do something with her hair. It looks like she was walking headlong into a hurricane.

Unknown said...

I read all these comments and thought
I was on Star Pulse! Kristi is a really attractive woman and her fiance has obviously seen this among
all her other wonderful qualities.
Not being a man I don't look at her
as though she is on the Boardwalk of
a Fashion Show. She is an intelligent, good looking woman and
knows her job. Her sense of humour
is first-rate. All you nay-sayers must have risen on the wrong side
of the bed to have written what you did about her!

Unknown said...

Kristi is a very attractive woman, her husband is a lucky guy! I wish the best for both of them.

As far as the comments by anonymous above......you are a shmuck

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