Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Emily Vukovic Canada's Sexiest Weather Babe

Over here in Canada, the only reason to watch The Weather Channel is to watch the very hot Emily Vukovic. She's too hot to stay there for too long, I see her making the move like Jackie Maretsky did down to one of the big networks.

Emily is too hot to trot,
That is one fine looking ass,

Screencaps courtesy of zebrafish75 at the Wide World of Women forum.


bruns said...

she is so cute, makes me look forward to turning on the tv in the morning

altstiff said...

Gotta love them boots.

I give her a 9.5 out of 10!

Anonymous said...

Its her sweet ass that everyone likes

Anonymous said...

Like Michelle Leslie, this little hottie is destined for a major market TV job. She's drop-dead gorgeous and I can't see her staying in her current position for too long. Emily - you are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Emily You make my life a little bit brighter

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