Friday, January 25, 2008

Jill Dobson on Morning Show With Mike and Juliet

With the stock market in the dumps these days, seems like everyone is talking about the economy. On the Mike and Juliet show, Jill Dobson was one of the guests. It was a great opportunity to see 2 hotties in 1 shot. Juliett is definitely hotter than Jill though.

Juliet Huddy (right) and Jill Dobson (left) with the hot legs,

Screencaps courtesy of impala101 at the Wide World of Women forum.


hector said...

Jill Dobson is exactly what keeps trying to stop this country from from entering a new era. Her remarks on television are not only insulting to a large amount of people but they are uneducated responses with little intelligence about the subject. She has a view where people should all be quiet, conservative or a 50s housewife. This concerning her remarks about Kathy Griffin and her recent review of the movie milk. Its seems to me as though she's a homophobe, I wonder what she has to say about Obama being the new president!

allen said...

hector needs a new pair of glasses
to zoom in on jill's awesome legs.
who would actually listen to her anyway

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