Monday, April 21, 2008

Jamie Colby Sexes up the Weekends

Some weekend caps of the always leggy and sexy Jamie Colby. I love the old pervs they put on with her, it could be dangerous for their health to be on with her.

Jamie is golden indeed,

Screencaps courtesy of Sandman at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Jaime Colby is truly a news babe! I saw her last weekend and man she was hot looking! She was wearing a nice tight skirt had lots of makeup on, she was very sexy, just wanted to eat her up!

loverboy said...

I like jamie!She is the sexy
woman on fox news! I love to rub
her legs and bang her too!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Jaime again today and I wanted to jump into the TV and nail her hard!! My dick was hard from just watching her do the news report! I want to bang her and then she can suck on my dick for as long as she wants! I would bang her in the ass and then keeping banging her sweet pussy hour after hour until I was exhausted!!!!

loverboy said...

I love to fuck jamie in the ass,
I bet her ass is nice and tight.
wouldn't wear condom want to fuck
her and when I cum,want it all over
her pussy while she squirt

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