Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Julie Banderas Stunningly Hot on FOX Report

Once in a while, Julie Banderas breaks out with a sexy dress or shows off some great legs. These are from the FOX Report that past couple of days...

Wow, Julie looks hot,

Screencaps courtesy of DeadZone at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Check out this prank call that is posted on youtube

When they go back to her face you can definitely tell that she is uptight and has no sense of humor. Maybe Julia Benderas thinks she is the queen of England or something. Julia is obviously aware she has big breasts and she definitely shows them off with tight shirts so for her to be stuck up like that makes me sick.

Kiran Chetry who I believed switched over to CNN has a sense of humor


When they go back to Kiran she is tipping over laughing since she is humble and has a sense of humor.

This is your classic example of two gorgeous women who have different levels of humility. One is a stuck up bitch and the other is a humble person.

Anonymous said...

Take your time and go watch more Youtube vids. Julie Banderas has a great sense of humor. Just watch her RedEye appearances.

Don't know what you consider big breasts but to me Julie Banderas has perky breasts.

Big breasts would be like Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Liz Claman, Patti Ann Brown and Rebecca Gomez.

Anonymous said...

Redeye does not count since everyone tries to step out from who they really are and tries to be be hip on redeye.

In the blue shirt her boobs are just as big as the other women mentioned in the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, her breast are not huge. It's the bra that is making it seem big. I'll try to see if I can find some pics.

As for RedEye, I think it should be the other way around. RedEye is more like who they really are. You can just tell Julie B. is like that when she's not working on air, also Rebecca Gomez and Janice Dean are others that you know act like that off air.

Anonymous said...

You have a point about the padded bra. Either get breast implants like all the other decent women have in news broadcast or don't.

Anonymous said...

Tried to find these couple of pics I saw that you could tell her breasts aren't that big but couldn't find it.

This is the best I can find. Her breasts are I guess above average but no where the size of the other ladies I mentioned.



Anonymous said...

I was bored so I saw Julia Banderas on Red Eye. Julia tries to come off as a laid back type of person but, you can totally tell that she faking it since it is just so awkward. Julia Banderas is totally uptight. Shit sits very stiff and winks a lot right before she is about to say something wild that she would obviously never say.

Julie Banderas most definitely masturbates a lot to release all that tension. Hearing her talk is like hearing nails on a chalk board. That being said, women like her give the best blow jobs which is what they are usually good for. If she begged me than I would let her swallow my cumm. Well, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Julie is hot but comes off as a high maintenance, self-conceded bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Julie may not have huge tits, but she has a great face and smoking hot legs!

Anonymous said...

You should see some very Sexy Julie Banderas Leg Cross here.

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