Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liz Claman is Damn Hot on RedEye

FOX's Redeye and Liz Claman, an explosive combination. The result, a super-sexy Liz Claman in a hot stretched out blue dress showing plenty of leg and hot heels. If you're a Liz fan, you won't wanna miss these...

The camera is in love with Liz (click to see the MQ pics),

Screencaps courtesy of deadzone at the Reporter Caps forum.


loverboy said...

Liz is very sexy!! I love the high
heel they look hot and the blue
outfit too. She my 2 favorite
newsbabe behind Jmaie Colby!

loverboy said...

I mean my 2 favorite newsbabe
behind jamie colby!!

Anonymous said...

She looks a little to ordinary school teacher like for me.

But, I like how curvy she is so I can see how some guys find her attractive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the caps of the big-jugged Liz Claman -- do you now what night of the week this was on?I want to try and track down a dvd of the show

Anchor Man said...

Apr 29, 2008 I believe. I bet they'll get plenty of requests :)

loverboy said...

She was on Wednesday morning

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