Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meredith Viera and Jenna Wolfe Odd leg Combo

From Friday's Today Show, Meredith Viera and Jenna Wolfe on the couch. Jenna's got the oiled up thick legs, Meredith with the hose and hot heels. An odd combination if you ask me, though some will probably think it's hot...

I think Jenna forgot to wipe,

Screencaps courtesy of modelhunter at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Thick legs on Jenna.

Anonymous said...

Jenna's got great legs IMO. Meredith's are great too. Can't go wrong either way.

Rolf Chakras said...

You silly American dillweeds. Those stems on Jenna, placed in a nice tight pair of cutoffs, are blast-off material, pure and simple. Those legs are the #1 highlight of the XXIX Olympics. Jeez, do you like to make love to a praying mantis? Dream about taking a Chinese gymnast to a club? Those in the know will take a full rounded woman. Skinny legs belong on horses. Still, I would prefer that Jenna leave her oil at home. Any more grease on those gams and she might turn into Richard Simmons - and one of those is quite enough.

Anonymous said...

Jenna's legs gets my blood fowing,I would love to see her smiling face looking up at me.

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