Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rebecca Jarvis is an Underrated Hottie

She's one of the more underrated hotties on CNBC, overshadowed by Erin, Michelle, Maria and Becky. This is an updated picture of a sexy Rebecca Jarvis on the trading floor, I love the dress, very curvy.

I like the guy in the background, pretending to read the paper but really checkin' out Rebecca's backside,

Screencaps courtesy of cnbcer at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Rebecca Jarvis looks boring

Anonymous said...

BORING? She's smokin' hot, and probably a complete firecracker.

Anonymous said...

She's hot and smart too

Anonymous said...

She's a real beauty, just look at that beautiful mouth and think of how nice it would be to have her using it on you.

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