Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anchorwoman, Liz Claman on Equities Magazine


Via ICN, Liz Claman was featured on Equities Magazine including the sexy banner pic from the website above. I like this part of the interview:
EQUITIES: Did CNBC try to make it difficult for you to leave?

Liz Claman: They made it difficult in a very nice way. They offered me the world. It’s not so easy to accept the world when I know it’s being offered just because somebody else might want me. Sometimes a guy breaks up with his girlfriend, then when he thinks somebody else might ask her out, he wants her back. Too late.

Imagine that, 2 suits fighting over the red rocket. She sounds like she's got a lot of personal experience with that kind of thing. Must be good knowing that you're the sh** and dudes are scratching and clawing each other over you.


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