Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Many Views of Emily Vukovic

From the Weather Network (Canada's version of TWC) a couple of days ago, this is Emily Vukovic showing off her wonderful assets. The camera usually doesn't show much below the waist but she had it all going on.

Emily's tight body (click on pics for MQs),

Screencaps courtesy of zebrafish75 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

She is kind of cute. Is she fixed her hair and got a more stylish wardobe than I could see her competing with some of the top women on fox and cnn.

Note: "top women" as in the very best. both networks still have twits and second rate news women.

John said...

I work in the oilsands and she is every guys favorite weather woman.Great bod and those dipples kill me.

the GAP said...

She def has a smoking hot body. Who could have guessed you could find such good wanking material watching the weather channel

Anonymous said...

I always seem to find my hands going down when i see her on tv... ;)

Anonymous said...

Boo-Tay for dayz diz Hotty-liciouz bae !!! Booty Queen of Canadian TV.

Big Dick said...

Who has nude pics of her? I will pay big $$$
She is so hot! She should really be in porn as it pays a lot better than the shitty weather network does.

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