Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jenna, Rebecca and Courtney Party it Up on Happy Hour

Sure, your 401K just dried up, your house is foreclosed and your mortgage lender went belly-up. And just when it couldn't get any worse, you got your pink slip the other day because a 10-yr old in China can do your job now for 10 cents a day. Oh ya, that 50-grand SUV you bought a year ago is just a scrap of metal now cuz the gas costs more than the truck...

That's OK, cuz you can always drown your sorrows by gawking at the super-hotties in Jenna Lee, Rebecca Gomez and Courtney Friel partying it up on FBN's happy hour.

What a dream foursome. This must be what heaven looks like,
I love the stalker in the background, I can tell he's an assman.
Courtney always goes for the bigger one,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum. Check out his new blog at HD News Caps.


Anonymous said...

I saw that show. What a dream team! I don't think I've seen Courtney look hotter!!!

Anonymous said...

Courtney Friel has definitly looked hotter. Fox business channel has the hottest news people and the one time she should have dressed hotter she did not. What a dumb twit. I hope they never envite such a moron back again. The women on fox business channel are both sexy and intellegent. We all know Courtney is as dumb as a bag of bolts like that Ainsley. Courtney not dressing hot proves she does not belong on fox business channel.

Anonymous said...

Fox Business channel just has a higher standard of professional, sexy and intellegent news women. But, Courtney is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted Courntey's opinion, I would take my dick out of her mouth.

She's a waste of air, food, and water.

Anonymous said...

Jenna Lee is fucking amazing, she has the cutest face of all the fox girls. Rebecca isn't too bad herself, she has some meat on her to grab onto when doing her from behind. Courtney looks like a playmate, but once again, her pussy supposedly smells like tuna. That makes her a distant third here.

Anonymous said...


Is that dude on the right in heaven when you arrive? I know, you meant those three and any dude such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is Courtney on Fox News? Better yet, why does she talk on Fox News? She embarasses herself and the network whenever she opens her pie hole.

They either need to fire her, or put her back in a bikini and shove a dick into her mouth.

She's a half-assed substitute for the Great Kiran.

Anonymous said...

Both Courtney and Ainsley are half as supstitutes for real profesional, sexy and intellegent news women. I just saw Ainsley flipping through the news channels and she does not look sexy and definitly does not look smart.

loverboy said...

I loving watch fox and friend
weekend because my dick stay hard
when Courtney and Ainsley is on.
They're not smart but I fuck both
of them anyway.Courtney don't belong to fox business. But she
still sexy but I give the edge to
Jenna Lee she is hotter.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I look at Jenna, my dick gets super hard! Man I want to fuck that sweet tight body of hers and make her scream that you could hear her orgasm miles away!

Anonymous said...

If Courtney Friel had breast implants then she would be hosting Fox and Friends weekend. Her face is great. But, if you just scan her body and she just has your typical womans body. Just a thought.

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