Friday, June 26, 2009

Lis Wiehl and FOX Hotties at Book Launch

Not sure when these were taken, but FOX legal analyst and news babe Lis Wiehl at her book launch for "The 51% Minority" along with several FOX News hotties including Alisyn Camerota, Megyn Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Jamie Colby. I guess Lis is trying to compete with the Claire Shipman / Katty Kay book. I like FOX News better though.

Who is your favorite FOX news babe?

Screencaps courtesy of italianwonder at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

Lis Wheil is an ugly skank. Take a good look at the end of her nose. She looks like Miss Piggy's sister. I'd enjoy fucking Alisyn and Jamie. Megyn is preggers and Guilfoyle is a shemale, so I'll stay away from her/him/it!

Southern Oreo said...

Weihl has a nice rack, but I bet it's saggy. Megyn is gorgeous. Alysin isn't given enough props..KG is hot, but has a joker mouth. I'll say Jamie Colby is the best.

womenalsofartandshit said...

Megyn Kelly is becoming an old crone, as she is approaching menopause, but hopefully, Megyn Kelly will soon have a baby exit Megyn Kelly's vagina, as Megyn Kelly up to know has only given birth to farts & shits which exit Megyn Kelly's anus.

Imagine Megyn Kelly & the menopausal Lis Wiehl sitting in toilet stalls next to eachother & having a farting & shitting contest. Do you think that Lis Wiehl or Megyn Kelly would win the farting & shitting contest? Also what names would you give the farts & shits which exit Megyn Kelly & Lis Wiehl's anuses?

BigD said...

Not being a Fox fan, could someone who is please indicate who the babe in the blue dress is? She needs a "necklace" to complete her outfit I believe.

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