Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maggie Rodriguez Interviewing Hot Guests on the Early Show

From Thursday this past week, CBS news babe Maggie Rodriguez interviewing some hot guests. I think I can guess my way through here, the first hottie is medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the second is former reality TV babe Lauren Conrad, but I'm drawing a blank on the last one. Enjoy...

Maggie and her hot guests,

Screencaps courtesy of SceptreX42 at the SuperiorPics forum.


BigD said...

Those are some magnificent mammaries.
Thanks Maggie!!!!

Dark The Man Duke said...

Maggie is nice but I have to address the disgusting caps posted over at WWOW by this idiot named "aztec". He is the new MadMac,, posting some fugly grandma caps of Aunt Pat and Michele Gile while that fucker "TK423" is sitting there drooling over them and enabling him. What the fuck is wrong with 90% of the cappers and posters in the California news anchor threads? I get the feeling that they would start talking about how sexy a swamp monster is if you put a skirt on it and put it in front of a camera. Fucking douchebags.

Unknown said...

I believe that 3rd babe with Maggis is Priya David.

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