Friday, June 26, 2009

Tamsen Fadal is a Hot NYC News Babe

From this morning on PIX11, hot NYC news babe Tamsen Fadal interviewing a leggy Dawn Yanek, no doubt talking about the death of MJ. Tamsen's got a nice face, but I think she could be hotter if she hiked up that skirt and dropped the top a little.

Tamsen is hot in the mornings,

Screencaps courtesy of slashasterisk at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

HOT ???? A pile of dog shit is more attractive!

Dark The Man Duke said...

She's still better than Jill "Pizza Sauce" Nicoleaky.

BigD said...

Dawn has some "Anne Hathaway" eyes going on if I remember right. Love'em...
Searched her bio and couldn't find out her heritage, but judging by her name she's probably afraid of getting acid in the face or having her boobs hacked off if she shows anything worth seeing.

Newshound said...

Tamsen is beyond hot!!! She's smokin' I miss her in Philly!!!!

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