Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mika Brzezinksi Claims She is Not That Hot

Via TVNewser, Mika Brzezinski interviewed by USA Weekend talking about the struggle to be taken as a real journalist and not just eye candy:

On whether there are still hurdles facing women in the TV news industry: "Yeah. It is a constant battle to be taken seriously. I'm talking about the viewers who write in about my hair or my weight. The problem is our society, our viewers. I would look at our viewers and start there with misogyny."

In response to Clurman's question, "Are you offended when the MSNBC guys talk about how hot you are?", Brzezinski answers, "If I ever thought [they were] serious, I'd be the first person down in human resources. And I'm not that hot. I'm a 42-year-old Westchester housewife."
To be honest, Mika doesn't really add much to the conversation, and she is just eye candy. She gets by on her looks (clearly she is hot), and her father's notoriety. There are plenty of women who contribute a lot more to the political dialogue, Mika just isn't one of them. Here are some recent shots of Mika at the WHC dinner, if you like the pictures, you can see more by bangin' the link,


Screencaps courtesy of jadegrrl09 at the Reporter Caps forum.


snaggle tooth said...

Kind of reminds me of the Fountains of Wayne song, "Stacy's Mom". Mika is a hot mama. In fact, she has probably been the source of many a male fantasy.

Dark The Man Duke said...

First pic--looks hot
Second pic--looks old

Anyway, thanks for this Anchor "The Man" Man (yes, I'm giving you that tag back).

BigD said...

At least she's past the "Sarah Palin" hairdo days.

Southern Oreo said...

Mika is one of those women, like Liz Claman, who reach their peak in beauty after say, age 35. Why is hard to say. Some people just mature late or it could be in comparison to other women the same age that go waaaaaay down hill after 30 or after a few kids.

Anonymous said...

Some of you have a point and i will be one of many Gals to admit that the first thing i tend to see when Mika in the morning is, well, what she's wearing or worse since im a 22 yr old straight girl--her cleavage. But i mean, its not like it's become such a totally bad thing because your right, she is hot, but she's hot for a whole different reason: she's the smart, independent,in your face, not gonna take life laying down kind of hot and that's what sets her apart in my opinion.

PS: glad you all liked the pics cause they were actually credited to Tammy Haddad aka Haddadd Media. Just make sure to look for the credit tag on the bottom. The rest are from the book sigining that Mika has been traveling with Joe on :D

Southern Oreo said...

I agree with almost everything you say. With her it's a personality thing too. Where I disagree is the cleavage. She doesn't seem to have any even when she tries.

Dick Rockhard said...

Mika is right - shes not hot at all.

Jadebtch22 said...

I still feel that she's hott and that she's taking the modest "oh pish posh.." approach

Rip Yrdikoff said...

She's a complete tease. She got it going on and she knows, believe me, she knows.

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