Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alison Kosik Makes a Hot Debut on Bloomberg

I had no idea that Alison Kosik left CNN, but there she is, reporting for Bloomberg. From yesterday, these are what I believe to be her debut on Bloomberg, and showing off her hot legs which we never got to see on CNN. I didn't include the full-size pictures, because they were LQ, hopefully some HQs will appear soon, stay tuned.

Welcome to Bloomberg, Ms. Kosik,

Screencaps courtesy of lateapex at the Wide World of Women forum.


vpgx98aconk said...

She looks like shoe-face Sarah Jessica Parker's twin sister - only hotter.

BigD said...

Ditto. VERY close to being SJP's twin.

QueDog said...

AK has been blowing it up! And they have had her out from behind the desk. And she has been displaying the goods! Maybe my new favorite - naw HEIDI COLLINS!

Raamis said...

She hasn't left CNN as of May 31 '10.

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