Monday, July 27, 2009

A Hot Kathie Lee Gifford Trying on a Garter

Gotta love Kathie Lee Gifford, she's always good for a hot flash in front of the camera, she knows what sells. From last week on the Today Show, KLG in a wedding segment trying on the garter. You can hear Hoda in the background saying, "are you gonna wear yours, c'mon [Hoda looks away]... there's a little leg."

KLG is such a tease,

Picture courtesy of SceptreX42 at the SuperiorPics forum.


BigD said...

KLG may HAVE some years on her, but she still has a great body/boobs. What draws me to her is that she has a DIRTY mind and doesn't care if you know it. That's my kind of woman.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Anchorman, how can you post some fine pieces of ass like Ainsley, Brooke, Deena, and Courtney all in a row like that and then continue on with a Hoda post? Yuck, Hoda is the leading cause of Viagra prescriptions in America. She is just the ultimate butter-face and butter-body.

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