Friday, July 31, 2009

A Hot Chris Jansing on NBC from Los Angeles

Ever since she left for La La land as a correspondent, it's been rare to see all of NBC news babe Chris Jansing. Here she is doing a segment on cars and looking as good as I've seen her in a long while, showing a little up top and in a skirt. Gotta love the gang-bangers in the background checkin' out CJ.

Chris goes car shopping,

Screencaps courtesy of Moshpit at the Wide World of Women forum.


Paul said...

OMG - what a woman. More and more of Chris, anywhere, anytime.

Dick Rockhard said...

Are you being sarcastic Paul ?? OMG she is an ugly skank.

Paul said...

Not sarcastic at all. The woman is 50+ and looks stunning. Fill the site with Chris, I'd be a happy man.

BigD said...

Paul is right! At past 50, Chris could rock my world any day...

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