Saturday, August 1, 2009

Verena Wriedt is a Hot German News Babe

From earlier in July, this is news babe Verena Wriedt on N24 in Germany. She's got a Megyn Kelly look about her but looks like she's taller and slightly most busty. Love the top of the dress though the bottom covers a little too much of her legs.

Verena is one hot blonde,

Screencaps courtesy of astrosfan at the Reporter Caps forum.


charlie said...

astrosfan is not a capper at reportercaps. He reposts caps from other places. Some guy named saviola did these caps.

BigD said...

Love the boobage and the "O" mouth shape in the first cap. She seems to be tall. Wouldn't have any problem wrapping those legs around my waist and locking her ankles I bet.

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