Sunday, July 26, 2009

Natalie Morales and Courtney Hazlett are a Hot NBC Duo

From Friday's Today Show, just a fantastic camera angle capturing these two beauties, Natalie Morales and Courtney Hazlett. Courtney's got a nice glow on her skin, must be all that time spent surfing. Natmo is always hot as usual too.

Leggy babes, Natmo and Courtney,

Screencaps courtesy of Cobra at the Wide World of Women forum.


Stewey said...

Oh...My God! Right behind her head Natalie's legs would go....

snaggle tooth said...

That is one mental picture I want to keep forever.

Both ladies are fabulous and I am happy to welcome Courtney to the Black Dress Team!

BigD said...

All that Courtney needs to complete her outfit is a "pearl necklace". Any volunteers???? One would look fabulous decorating that black dress.

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