Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Hot Chris Jansing in Studio on MSNBC

For y'all Chris Jansing fans, it's been a great treat to see Chris in studio for MSNBC the past week or so. If you haven't been following TV news babes for a while, she's been stuck in California doing reporting for the last year or so, hopefully she gets to stay in studio.

Chris is always a treat,

Screencaps courtesy of zonajohn the Wide World of Women forum.


rootvg said...

Just a nice girl from Fairport Harbor, Ohio...

BigD said...

It is SO HARD to believe this babe is over 50. Great personality, style, intelligence, and on-air charisma. Anyone know if she has a single, twin sister still at home?

Raoul said...

Sadly, no...she's the youngest of TWELVE!

Fairport, btw, is one of the highest concentrations of Hungarian-Americans, including Chris's family (Kapostasy).

Need I add that Hungarian women are renowned for their elegance and beauty?...!!!

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