Monday, January 4, 2010

A Hot Leggy Jamie Colby on FOX News Yesterday

Simply outstanding. This is FOX news babe Jamie Colby in her regular spot on the weekends in a wickedly hot red dress, showing off her shiny spectacular legs as well. I love the positioning here, we get a clear view of Jamie's hot legs while the other 2 dudes are nicely tucked away. Gotta showcase your assets right.

Jamie is a dream,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 the Wide World of Women forum.


StewartIII said...

GOOD GOD Jamie has great legs! What a HOTTIE!

Dick Rockhard said...

I'm sure N.O.W. get's really pissed off as to how FOX and FBN "display" their sexy female anchors ... like Jamie Colby ... and others then make sure their cameramen come as close as they can to getting as close to a true "money shot" as they can. Liberal, conservative or somewhere in between, you've got to love the WOMEN of FOX.

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