Monday, September 22, 2008

Sexy Domenica Davis on FOX and Friends

I don't think I've ever seen Domenica Davis look this hot on FOX. Damn, she had it goin' on. I love the After the Show picture below, the guy is drooling over DD's hot sexy legs. I love her cups too, just the perfect size. Bonus add with Alisyn Camerota, she had a nice slit in her skirt too.

Domenica looking delicious,

Screencaps courtesy of cody and modelhunter at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Very Yummy, bet she is great in bed, a real tiger. Thos tits are small, but just perfect for a nice handfull. This is definitely one Hot woman.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I always thought she looked like jailbait.

Anonymous said...

"I dunno, I always thought she looked like jailbait."

And when she is riding me cowboy style, that would be bad because...?

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I could see myself banging her from behind and saying "Shhhh. Quiet honey! You mom will hear us! Daddy doesn't want to get in trouble."
A little role playing never hurts.

Anonymous said...

she looks small next to the weather board, look at her on the couch, she is a good size to ride.

Anonymous said...

How old is Domenica? 25

Anonymous said...

I would love to eat Domenica pussy
and fuck her bareback.

Anonymous said...

Lol, that's why I love this place, raw and real! If you listen to some of the fan boys, you'd think these women were some type of Princesses that never get fucked by men or say any "bad words."

I bet some of them would cry if they came in here, meanwhile Contessa is probably trying not to make herself wet, thinking about all the hard dicks on this site! ;-)

To all you you haters out there who think you are doing these broads a favor by "respecting them.". They are getting fucked senseless, sucking , taking it up the ass, to keep their jobs and laughing at the ridiculous pedestal you've put some of them on! And EVERY poster here knows exactly the type of news reader "fans" I'm talking about! Talking shit about how classy they are when they had cum dripping down their faces after just being in the boss's office (Courtney Friel anyone!). Not all, but some of them! Hell, I'd want some pussy in return too, if some of these no-talent chicks ever wanted to see ANY air time.

Also, you just know some of the legit babes know exactly who the cum guzzlers are in that industry! Ladies, come here and dish the dirt on those sexy sluts, we love you in a REAL way...we won't judge any sluts if you want to confess in long hot details either :-)

Anonymous said...

The previous commentor is a little blunt and crude. But, he most definitly has a realistic and logical point.

Never put a hot woman on a pedestal. reason: She will take all your compliments and gifts with a smile and then go and fuck someone who is not you. Hot women will use men. There is no such thing as an "innocent" woman and guys who think they are like that are losers who fuck ugly chicks and will never get a hot chick.

If you want these chicks it is rather easy:
1. Learn don't kiss there ass.
2. Instead tease them and make fun of there flaws. But, you got to be funny about it. Blunt Jerks don't get laid. Act like a comedian making fun of someone in the audience.
3. Get some descent clothes.
4. Take a shower and look your best. Women are at least partial superficial. You can still get a chick over a body builder if you are funny and confident since they are not as superficial as men.

If you fuck a news chick like I have than mention it on here.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Player-God, you are right of course, that's why I wrote what I did above you. I was in a situation with a hot chick like that. Being a friend, be being there for her, being WAY too nice about "taking things slow" with her.
And then found out she was banging another dude while I was being her so-called "friend". Don't wait, be kind of a demanding asshole. Not too much of and asshole, but enough to let them know you won't be walked all over and take any of their bullshit!

And to the fan boys, when you are defending the honor of these women, at least try and make sure they are worth it. Some of them aren't worth your time, sorry but it's true!

Would they defend you, their so-called "biggest fan"? HELL NO! They aren't even thinking about your stupid ass! They are probably laughing at you (rightfully so) behind your back!

Trust me, I've seen evidence of all of this. They are NOT any better than you are.

Anonymous said...

What these guys said is exactly right!
Women say they want someone who is kind, considerate, loving, thoughtful, romantic...blah, blah. While you're trying to be all these things because you THINK that is what they want, THEY are bringing home some thoughtless, rude dick they picked up at a bar for a hot all-nighter. YOU however, are willing to wait for her to be "ready" and offer to show her respect. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME BEING NICE! You'll ALWAYS finish last. Always!

Habit,the bad said...

Comment #8--dude that was some funny shit right there!! What's the story on Courtney Friel anyway?

keep it up man,this site breaks up the monotony of my day at the office.

Anonymous said...

HEy, dude is right.....the majority of these chicks wouldn't be on t.v. if it wasn't for a little CUM-GAGGING!

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