Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sian Williams is a Hot British News Babe

From BBC Breakfast, this is sexy British milf Sian Williams. I like older chicks who know how to dress sexy. Her face could use some more botox, but other than that, she got decent goods. Plus, her name is really sexy, Sian...

Sian attracts the lookers,

Screencaps courtesy of ts at the tscelebs forum.


Anonymous said...

what the fuck is this old shit..... ??????????????

have you gone nuts

Anonymous said...

If this woman is a "hottie", who is next?
Mother Teresa?
(Yeah, she's dead. I know...)

Anonymous said...

Mature women are more experienced at sex and appreciate attention more.I would love to have her thighs around my face while I lick her pussy!! I bet she is one good cocksucker too!

Anonymous said...

Sian is a great choice - I see her most mornings and there is certainly something about her that attracts.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sian is some serious MILF. It is a pity when the ugly bird replaces her in the morning. Her botox'd face certainly could only do with one thing more and it is too explict to write it here.

Those suits, soo sexy.

Does anyone know of a website with many pictures of her in different outfits? or will I have to create one myself.

By the way, whoever created this should have cropped that guy out so we can focus on her more!

Anonymous said...

To appreciate Sian you need to see her in motion, not in still snapshots. The layout of the BBC Breakfast studio means she has keep sitting round to face in a different direction every couple of minutes, giving her the excuse to recross her legs as many as 50 times in a three-hour show.

And she knows exactly what she's up to; this woman is a seriously skilled prick-teaser. She also has an extremely pleasant arse.

She is welcome to sit on my face any time.

Anonymous said...

anon of October 7:,

Check out

for caps and vidcaps of Sian and other British TV sofa totty. You need to register a username to login but it's a no-bullshit user-run forum.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I'm obviously not concentrating; I wonder why. That URL should have been

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