Monday, October 27, 2008

Joanne Malin Sexy Apple Bobbing on ITV

I wish they did this kind of thing more on our TV. This is Joanne Malin of ITV News in the UK doing a little apple bobbing on live TV. I'm a big fan of redheads so she's my kinda gal. I like the peek at Joanne's sexy cleavage and leggage as well. Let your imagination run wild, do likewise gentlemen...

How d'you like them apples,

Screencaps courtesy of woodlouse at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

These news operations have no creativity. They should have suspended a banana with an apple on each side for her to go after. She probably could have gotten the banana in her mouth in seconds.

Anonymous said...

Love the cleavage. I'm also a BIG fan of red hair (both above and below). Thank you Anchorman!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Steve said...

If you like Jo there's lots more leggy caps here!

Just follow through to 'Central England'

Woodlouse (Steve)

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