Friday, November 21, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Erica Hill and Chris Wragge

So much for Anderson Cooper, looks like Erica Hill has her eye on CBS co-host Chris Wragge. They certainly look very "familiar" in these backstage pictures. But they're probably both happily married. Who the heck knows what goes on in those newsrooms anyways, it's probably like one big crazy swinger party, wife swap, etc...

A sexy, flirtatious Erica,

Screencaps courtesy of Gambit at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She is not good.
Memo to Erica Hill:
1. Botox for the excessive wrinkles on your face. HDTV is not your friend.
2. Drop a few pounds. You have a pear shape.
3. Breast implants to balance out your wider bottom.

Anonymous said...

They look like they hate each other.

Anonymous said...

You people are harsh? She's a REAL woman. That's why every woman I've dated has self-esteem issues, because some imperfect man demands an imperfect woman.

snaggle tooth said...

If Erica Hill looks bad, then I wish that all women would look that bad and be that fat. She is real and that raises her value in my book. Erica is awesome and a total babe.

Anonymous said...

She may be a real woman but this website is newsbabes not newsrealwomen or newswomenwholookjustlikethe45yearoldsecretrayinyouroffice

Sorry but Erica is a highly compensated newsreader who is in a visual industry and there is no reason or excuse for her to look so plain.

Hey, don't criticize [insert name of poorly performing athlete] he is a "real" man. So what if he is overweight and not in shape, dont criticize him.... Seems funny when you put the shoe on the other foot, right?

Erica Hill looks plain in these photos and looks like a monster in that last one.

Anonymous said...

i thinck erica hill should be replace buy laurie hibbard she is some times onC.B.S. plus she use to do fox after breaskfeast there are lot of phtos of her on you tube showing up her skirt

Anonymous said...

Erica should be replace by anybody.

Chris Wragge is getting or already is divorced. So he is "available".

BigLeagues said...

Anchor Man: Just in case no one has clued you in yet . . .

Anderson Cooper is GAY

No seriously, I'm not kidding . . . look it up.

Why else would he consent to hosting a New Years show with Kathy Griffin?

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