Thursday, December 4, 2008

Megyn Kelly in a Sexy Red Dress

I know she's like a robot and that Megyn Kelly never moves from her seat, but still, Megyn is looking so hot in that red dress, very leggy for sure. I wonder if they consider changing up the setup at FOX, spice things up a little.

Megyn is red hot,

Screencaps courtesy of cody at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

my oh my

Anonymous said...

They need to replace Megyn Kelly. I do not find her attractive at all and she is boring. I have tried to watch this show but, she is never as hot as she is in this photo. The guy usually looks better than her. She needs implants, shorter skirts and to she needs to get a personality that has more depth than just being a shallow blonde. Just saying. : )

Anonymous said...

But I'll bet she gives great head
and loves doing it.

Anonymous said...

I bet she gives bad blow jobs. Megun Kelly probably gets her teeth in the way and everthing. Just saying. I have had my share of dating a few blondes.

Anonymous said...

If you think the guy looks better than her, you are obviously gay!!!

MegynKellyfartsandshitsandhasananuslikeevery1else said...

Megyn Kelly is getting old & why even continue to post pictures of her? I like to comment about her, because Megyn Kelly has an anus & farts & turds exit Megyn Kelly's anus.

There's no proof that Megyn Kelly engages in oral sex nor is there proof that Megyn Kelly has ever had oral sex performed on her. Oral sex is bad for the health. My view as far as sex is that it's either straight normal sex or no sex.

Yes, Megyn Kelly is still pretty but she is getting older. She has lines on her face. She was prettier in 1989 than today. There are women prettier than her, but Megyn Kelly like Laurie Dhue have peaked when it comes to beauty & things keep going downhill.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is the previous person talking about. dude, watch that show on vh1 about being a player and write notes on how to get a date. of course she gives head you jack ass, all women do these days. what the fuck.

I don't think Megyn Kelly is all that. There are far hotter women on Fox but, the previous comment was so silly that someone should say something.

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous I have a question. Is your right hand blond?

MegynKellyfartsandshits said...

Does Megyn Kelly get her vagina licked too? How do you know that Megyn Kelly gives head to Douglas Brunt & how do you know that Douglas Brunt licks Megyn Kelly's vagina? We don't know their sex life, but what I do know is that Megyn Kelly farts & that turds exit Megyn Kelly's anus. Megyn Kelly does smelly farts & turds.

But what I also know about Megyn Kelly is that she is getting old. Her 1st husband Dr. Kendall divorced her in 2006. Why did it happen? How long did Dr. Kendall know Megyn Kelly? Perhaps Dr. Kendall thought Megyn Kelly wasn't as pretty as when he 1st married her & thus divorced her & found a more beautiful woman.

I would like to know what Megyn Kelly looked like in 1988, 1989 or 1992 when she was a young woman as opposed to now when Megyn Kelly is getting older, lines across the face, white hairs popping up among other things. Claudia Cowan though almost menopausal is prettier than Megyn Kelly. Claudia Cowan has white hairs, wrinkles & hot flashes, which come with getting older. Claudia Cowan's greatest beauty was in 1988 when she was 25 years old, Claudia Cowan is still prettier IMO than Megyn Kelly.

Why do so many of you focus on the Fox News women ? Megyn Kelly's best happened years ago. You also keep commenting on Kiran Chetry, but Kiran Chetry was prettier in 2003 & has since gotten fatter. Megyn Kelly is of course not fat, but Megyn Kelly is getting older & the lines just keep adding to her face.

Anonymous said...

My favorite on Fox is Martha MacCallum, just wish she would show more like she did several years ago. She has nice legs and a pretty face and I love those sweaters she wears. I've got a feeling though that she gets on her knees for Bill since she is on his show one night a week all the time.

Anonymous said...

Let's start 2009 off with someone making a nice comment about Megyn instead of making accusations and comments with no proof or substance behind them.
In my book Megyn Kelly is the best female news anchor on TV today. She's a very bright, talented and in my opinion gorgeous young lady. Your book might read differently. If your wife or girlfriend looks half as good as Megyn does at thirty-eight I will envy you.
In conclusion I commented a few times about remarks which were made about Megyn. I left my comments about what a gorgeous young lady she is. I did that in 2008. I will do that again in 2009 and in 2010.... At least the first comment made about Megyn Kelly comes from someone who really appreciates this beautiful young lady. We're all getting older folks,you included. Happy New Year!

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