Friday, December 5, 2008

S.E. Cupp is Hot on Red Eye

Call her the new Ann Coulter, she's young, she's hot, she's S.E. Cupp. I actually started reading her book "Why you're wrong about the Right." Not my cup of tea, but S.E. is a real feisty babe. Here she is on FOX News show RedEye, I've seen her hotter though. I'd definitely like to lay the smackdown on that right-wing backside anytime.

Cosmo GOP hottie,

Screencaps courtesy of cody at the Wide World of Women forum.


David said...

First of all, this is now my new Greatest Blog in the World.

Now, about S.E. Being a libertarian gun nut, this little huntin' hottie has become my #1 withdrawal from the News Channel Babes Spank Bank, edging out the awesome Megyn Kelley. She's got a minxy smile like a thinner Alicia Silverstone. Scha-wing!

Anonymous said...

The new Ann Coulter? First of all S.E. doesn't have the Adam's apple "Ann" does. Second, S.E., unlike "Ann", was probably BORN a woman.

Anonymous said...

Do we pronounce se cupp as "Cee cup"?

TheBronze said...

I saw Miss Cupp(s) on RE the other night. I was like "Who is she and where has she been!"

I think she's pretty daggone hot.

Darkseid said...

RED HOT NEWBIE!! Practically perfect legs that look great bare.

Anonymous said...

SE Cupp is the niece of friends of mine. She is a new kind of conservative. Young. Well-written. And thinks and speaks well on her feet.

I'd like to see her get more gigs on Fox or other venues. She is in command.

patrick said...

She is like the preppy chick in high school that lived 5 towns away from yours that you never knew existed. (This may only make sense for me)

Randy Rose said...

I am totally in love with S.E. Cup
Any time I see her my heart beats a little faster.

Paul said...

She has to be wild and kinky in bed!!

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