Friday, July 24, 2009

A Hot Soledad O'Brien on Black in America 2

Via TVNewser, this is Soledad O'Brien during a segment of her new special "Black in America 2." This reminds me of the hot leggy Soledad we used to see every day. I guess that was good timing to have that Gates fellow on the show, huh? Too bad she didn't ask him any in depth questions.



Anonymous said...

She's gotten sooo much hotter since her transition from NBC to CNN. Noting that i would've loved to have to have seen her on NBC more often, but her inner beauty and intellegence
have both become more obvious and i love her work @ CNN.

rootvg said...

She's liberal, but I've always been hot for Soledad O'Brien. She was incredible looking in her twenties.

Anonymous said...

hmm u got a point, rootvg. she was beyond words SEXY! and that sexiness has evolved over the years from NBC to CNN....LOVE IT!!

BigD said...

"She's liberal..."

The original name of the special report was "Why Whitey STILL Wants To Keep You Down!" but CNN thought that might show how racism can go both ways as it would suggest ALL whites are bigoted against blacks.
That being said, I'd lick her from top to bottom without regard to her "color". Color (and politics) has nothing to do with sexy, which Soledad IS!

rootvg said...

I'll bet she winds up like a jet engine in the sack. They have four kids for a reason.

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