Tuesday, July 21, 2009

S.E. Cupp is a Red Eye Beauty on FOX

From Red Eye last night, political pundit and regular FOX contributor S.E. Cupp looking her usual hot self. There's just something about the way she is, incredibly sensual and arousing about her. You can't not watch her, she's alluring.

S.E. is the lure of the siren,

Screencaps courtesy of cody at the Wide World of Women forum.


Dark The Man Duke said...

Not usually a fan (S.E. is not a real name) but she actually looks cute here.

BigD said...

Whatever it's worth, from WIKI:
"born as Sarah Elizabeth Cupp on February 23, 1979"

Anonymous said...

She is hot girl who I would wanna fuck because she has a tight toned body and pretty face. She also has that look of a girl who loves a good dick.

She is totally a WASPY Republican who probably only fucks guys that drive a jeep, listen to country music, wear khaki pants, polo shirt tucked in, one of those belts with a bass fish design on it, and a pair of boat shoes.

Therefore, I think it would be hot to see her out of her element taking a huge black cock.

Unknown said...

She looks fantastic on TV but she is still a human being that deserves respect, and not be caricatured as a sexual object (even if FOX likes to do that with their women hosts). FOX knows how to sell to lonely white conservative men: sexual undertones, dangerous people in America (so carry guns) and Democrats (fill in the blank). Always selling something. Maybe even war.

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