Saturday, July 25, 2009

Liz Claman and Cheryl Casone to Compete in NYC Triathalon

Via TVNewser, FBN hotties Liz Claman and Cheryl Casone will run in the NYC Triathlon tomorrow. Apparently they've been training like crazy and they showed a little bit of it yesterday,

Imagine running behind these 2 hotties, that would be one heckuva treat in itself. If you wanna see the video, click here, I had a problem embedding it as it would autoplay.

Video credit tip: The Chickaboomer website.


Dick Rockhard said...

Way to go Cheryl! Let's see those breasts bounce and your ass in skin tight running shorts. Sorry, I'm not a Claman fan so I'll be rooting for Cheryl all the way!

snaggle tooth said...

I agree. Liz has never done that much for me either. Let's face it, as hot as Cheryl is, it's her attitude that makes her special. She's a blonde Alexis Glick with a motherload of feisty.

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