Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amanda Drury is Wickedly Hot on CNBC

Finally, some worthy pictures to post from CNBC. This is Aussi news babe Amanda Drury the other day who is filling in during the holidays. Whenever she comes to the States, she's always giving us a hot treat with those plunging low cut tops.

Mandy givin' us what we want to see,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 the Wide World of Women forum.


Thechairman said...

CNBC has not learned their lesson from Bloomberg or FBN. They seem afraid to show their women's legs. Other than Becky Quick's chairs segment during Squawk Box and Melissa Lee's half time report, they seem to equate the showing of legs with somehow cheapening or tarting up the show. Just look at Bloomberg. They have hot chicks, they show leg, yet they maintain professionalism and put on a good show. I say you can do both and CNBC has every reason to do that. They have lost people like Margaret Brennan and they need to stop that by properly utilizing and showing their talent.

Dick Rockhard said...

Spot on Chairman ..... I've switched from CNBC to a combination of Bloomberg & FBN. Can't remember the last time I watched CNBC.

Legs prevail at Fox with Fox & Friends Alysin & Gretchen, America's Newsroom, Cheryl Casone at Noon on FBN, The Live Desk, Liz Claman, Happy Hour, Jenna Lee whenever she is on these days, etc. As for Bloomberg, I switched because of Margaret, but they have quite a nice group of cuties that have brains and can deliver the biz news just fine. Scarlet Fu, Diedre Bolton, Betty Liu and they've got a hottie Susan Lee at 9 PM.

CNBC is way off track.

sugarbritches said...

CNBC gets more viewers than Bloomberg and FBN put together. They're not gonna change anythng.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Just signed up today.

I've got to say that I am very disappointed in CNBC. Why is Sue Herrera still occupying her seat?

I used to watch her on the old F.N.N. back in the mid-1980's. She read off the teleprompter in a very vacant way; now she reads off her prepared paper outline. Sue has been in the "business" for over 25 years; where is her knowledge and depth and background for all those years?

She seems to be so lost; always adding a bland comment to the tail-end of someone else's. I'm not trying to be unkind here. Sue is a pleasant enough person, but her deliver hasn't changed in a quarter of a century. She just seems to try so hard to maintain a conversation, without any insight or originality! Sorry, Sue. Just my way of viewing the way you come across.

I would like to see Mandy Drury, Oriel Morrison or Michelle-Cabruso fill Sue's spot whenever Sue decides to go on vacation.

It's a reach that they'll ever change her spot, I fear.

Bill Griffeth has taken a hiatus to try some "different avenues" of interest. Bill was co-anchor way back in the mid-1980's with Sue. It was he who usually carried the ball during the morning hours Sue was, in my opinion, window dressing.

During the 1990 bear market, CNBC had a female anchor, Kathleen Campion, she came from CNN. Anyone recall her?

She was doing a "round table about the general market condition when the down declined 190 points in one day. One of the traders came on the show and it was Kathleen's turn to ask her questions.

The floor trader was talking about the NASDAQ having over 6,000 stocks and the Wilshire having 5,000.

He had just began speaking on the S&P 500 and Kathleen stopped him in mid-sentence and asked [dare I say it?], "How many stocks in the S&P?" This was on a Friday afternoon; she was gone on Monday, never to be seen again...


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