Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anastasia Haydulina is a Hot Bloomberg News Babe

From Bloomberg a couple of days ago, this is Anastasia Haydulina hosting the decade in review show. I've never seen her before, but she definitely looks like a keeper this one. Blond beauty, nice tight package, sweet leggage. The guy she's interviewing seems very impressed.

Anastasia is very alluring,

Screencap courtesy of ninja at the TvNewsCaps forum.


Thechairman said...

Bloomberg is stupid stocked with hotties. I'm almost tempted to forget about FBN. FBN's girls aren't as facially good looking as Bloomberg's. Tracy Byrnes is not that good looking really and probably looks hideous without makeup. I'm thinking even Nicole Pettalides is a bit of a makeup job. The only real good lookers are Jenna Lee, Shibani, and maybe Sandra Smith.

Ninja said...

Anastasia has a great body. Pretty face, nice hips and great legs.

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